October 2020

2020 Presidential Debates

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Well, it is the day after the 3rd and final presidential debate for 2020

Each side claimed their candidate "won" the debate.

The Democrats and Republicans both have news channels devoted to the respective sides. First of all, how could it possibly be "news" if they favor a particular side? News is, by definition, an accounting of what happened. There is no right or left to events that occured... but obviously the reporting of it is subject to formatting...

Anyway, there are several moments that stuck out: 

    • Microphones needed to be muted, a first.
    • Each referred to the other side as "the enemy"
    • The Presidential Debates were upended, another "norm" of American democracy no longer recognized as normal

    The first debate was widely panned as a "shithow". That's the official description. Lots of talking over each other and not much substance. Donald Trump pussed out of the 2nd debate, so that left the 3rd debate as the final time the candidates would meet.

    Each campaign described their candidate as the victor. The American voter had to judge for themselves, not being able to rely on accurate reporting. This also brings up a crucial point: why do these outlets place such importance on who "won" the debate? A debate is not a thing you win. The purpose of the candidates facing off is so the voter can see a slice of their personality, prior to the election. "Winning" is not the point. If you "win", but do so by behaving in an unlikable manner... then you have actually lost, haven't you? Because people will not like you (and you are there to be liked and succeed in the election, not to best the other guy.)

November 2020

Trump Presidency Plusses


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Donald Trump was not to blame for much of this.

During his term in office, several things became clear:

  • Evangelicals thoroughly discredited themselves.
  • The nation formally became tribal. It was always there, but now there is a name on it.
  • The US Democracy held. The government of this country still manages to function, even with the concept "adult in the room" becoming a common thing.
  • Racists revealed themselves.
  • Homophobes revealed themselves.
  • Civics became a thing (Election fraud, Constitution, laws, etc) Citizens learned about how our government operates, and politics became a common topic. Additionally, instead of venturing overseas and getting the USA mixed-up in an another stupid and wasteful war, our President focussed our disagreements on DOMESTIC topics.
  • Half of the voters did sadly choose party over country. They ID'd themsleves.

The United State of America has been heading in this direction for a matter of years. Decades, I would say. Since as long as I can remember. This situation was not terribly surprising, and much of my college study was in this area. From John Boehner opposing Barack Obama, to Mitch McConnell taking over power and doing blatently unconstitutional things (refusing subpeonas for example), this could be foreseen. Donald Trump was primarily an opportunist. He saw the future in a way others did not.

IMO, there is hardly political party affiliation anymore, and that happened in the last 4 years. That is different than it was before. I have some opinions that jive with Democrat, and some with Republican. I don't have to pledge allegiance to either side.

October 2020 

On California Nationhood.

California could take this current opportunity to become a nation.

This state no longer fits in with the other states, for a number of reasons.

  • Taxation
  • Electoral Power
  • Inventions
  • Culture

While the 49 other states siphon tax dollars from CA, it has become glaringly obvious government here is more effective than the national government. When you really want to affect change, you hit people in the place they care most about: the pocketbook. Once the citizenry realizes that they are being taken advantage of financially - they will be upset at the other states, and open to options. This idea pre-empts that anger.
Inventions get taken from us, our culture is hugely different, and CA gets f@#*ed electorally. Based on how the electoral college currently works we would have 190 something... now, that is slightly unfair to the rest of the country, but 190 compared to 55???

The California resident has a different public health scenario that other US States. Our coronavirus response here differs from rest of the nation, has been held back by it, and certianly differs from Washington D.C.

The U.S. Constitution was written during slavery.

California could start by making it's Constitution modern - which would include other races. The current one does not. Look at the dates the U.S. Constitution was ratified, and then look at the date of the Emancipation Proclimation.

Cuturally, what does this state have in common with some fucking hillbilly rapist that rides a horse to a poll and then pulls out a gun? Or duck hunting in a bayou, on some fanboat? We ain't tryna eat crawdads and live in a trailer making mayonaise sandwiches either. 

2021 is the perfect year for CA to become it's own country.   

I will design the flag for free.



DECEmber 2020

On Lying

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I believe historians will look back upon this era as when lying beacame a central feature in our national discourse.

Prior to 2016, I'm not sure the lie took such central stage. And now we have "The Big Lie" - that the person who was defeated in the 2020 Presidential election actually won. I would like to stay away from the politics of that matter - as it is ongoing - the people who render judgements on elections being false or true, have made their judgement. This era has been marked by "alternative facts", allegations that the news is fake, and the re-emergance of propaganda (at press conferencess).
Furthermore, journalists (whether they were wrong or right) were attacked for having asked questions. The type of leader that seeks to de-legitimize the information flow is against the principles of the U.S. Constitution.

A lie told often enough can eventually become a truth.

It is my feeling that injecting religion into the debate, opens up a different set of rules. This is why the founding fathers of this country stated in plain speak that the sepration of church and state was so important. Simply put, of you believe the other side to not only be WRONG, but also EVIL, then all actions are justified... including lying. One can justify any action, of they view the other side as EVIL. (the Holocaust comes to mind...)

The former President of our country does not accept the truth, and is known for dishonesty.

I feel that common sense requires certian truths to be common.

This situation is not over.