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On Fake News:

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The adoption of this term is scary.

There really isn't any such thing as "fake news" One never arrives at the belief there being a conspiracy about news HONESTLY. You will only ever get there at another person’s behest. 

I too believe that the flow of information is faulted, and falls victim to corruption constantly. What I don’t believe, however, is this silly notion of “fake news”  especially when the person continually pushing the term has obvious motives regarding reporting. In other words, he who smelt it dealt it.

My. Summary: The Fourth Estate, as it is known, has typically acted as a bit of a thorn in the side of the party in power. (The name Fourth Estate is derived from there currently being 3 branches of government, and the news media making up the unofficial "Fourth")
The term “fake news” is a great invention, however. It’s a great achievement of propaganda. It relies on people not fact-checking and their tendency towards confirmation bias. When you use the terminology invented by a person, you are helping that person. When you use the term “fake news”, you help to further Donald Trump’s agenda. 100% of the time. An example of this would be the phrase “tax relief.", instead of tax cuts or tax changes. It implies that all taxation is bad. What kind of thing would a person require “relief” from? By hijacking the conversation and keeping it about the term "relief" the argument is already won before debate starts. Same with the term "fake news"  - the point is not about the story being fake, it's about it all of it taking place in Donald Trump's world. No media critic of any salt is going to use the term fake news, myself included.

I will happily state my credentials to speak on this topic, but first please send me a bona-fide example of fake news. Batboy, whom you read about in the supermarket aisle, doesn’t count. Remember, the creator of the term was applying it to CNN, New York Times, HuffPo, Washington Post, NBC, Chris Wallace, etc. Sure, there are stories that are false information, and also many lies. Yellow journalism. But "fake news" is not any different than just a lie or a made-up thing. Also, do yourself a favor and think about the historical context: What kind of a leader attempts to delegitimize the flow of information?
Read your history, I beg you. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

There is no such thing as fake news.

The losers.

Something that has always piqued my curiousity is the subject of the voice that did not win out. With history being written by the victors, there is a 2nd side to each story that we never hear.

Throughout history there were: people opposed to freeing slaves, people that advocated for the Nazi party, people that opposed Civil Rights, and, in my lifetime, people who oppose same-sex couples having any rights whatsoever.
In addition to there being cvil-rights & wartime losers, there is obviously POLITICAL winners and losers. Each time power changes hands, the other side doesn't simple GO AWAY... and we are at a point in history where we are seeing the effects of that. The nation of United States of America is tribal, and quite close to a Civil War (as much as I know about it, at least. Which is nothing)  

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